Tasty Butter Toffee from Idaho

29 Dec



The Idaho Candy Company kindly sent us some treats to enjoy over the holiday season. They are most famous for a candy they call the Idaho Spud, which essentially looks like a mini-tater and tastes like a cross between a Mounds bar and a Moon Pie.

However, we actually preferred their decadent butter toffee. This stuff is amazing, folks! Nutty, chewy and delicious. We really would suggest you order up a box for yourself. Our box is now dwindling and I’m not sure if we’re going to be able to live without it.

Read up on the company’s long history & then start ordering …

Idaho Candy Company began as a dream for T.O. Smith in his garage in 1901. He started selling the chocolates he made door to door, and the company started growing. In 1909 Mr. Smith built a modern factory at 412 South 8th Street in Boise to meet the needs of his customers.

The facility was built with the latest conveniences including being the first building in Idaho with skylights and a welfare room for the employees. In this factory Idaho Candy Company produced over 50 different candy bars over the years and many varieties of boxed chocolates.

Three of those candy bars are still in production: Idaho Spud Bar, Old Faithful Bar and the Cherry Cocktail Bar. Our factory also produces 3 varieties of Owyhee Butter Toffee, available in original chunk style, bite sized and chocolate covered.

Idaho Candy Company’s most famous employee is most definitely Violet Brewer. Vi began work at Idaho Candy in 1913 when her mother took ill and Vi had to work to help support the family. Vi was only 13 years old at the time and her first job was stoking the furnace. Later on she became the premier hand chocolate dipper for the company. Vi dipped and rolled chocolates for 50 years and later went to the weighing department where she worked for another 30 years. Vi finally retired in 1995, 82 years after she started with the company.

Today Idaho Candy Company is owned by the Wagers family. John Wagers, chairman, grew up in Nampa, Idaho and bought the company in 1984. Dave Wagers, his son, now serves as President. The company still makes its famous Idaho Spud Bars and Owyhee Butter toffee. We also make about 20 different kinds of bulk candies all in the same “modern” factory on S. 8th Street in Boise, ID.


The Story of Owyhee (pronouced OH-WY-HEE)

This was the name given the beautiful Sandwich Islands by Captain James Cook when he discovered them on his second voyage in 1778. Afterwards, they were called the Hawaiian Islands; however, one of the islands in this group is still known as the Owyhee Island.

The association of this name with a river, a range of mountains, and a county in Idaho came about through the activities of the Hudson Bay Company, when in 1819 three Sandwich Island Indians or Owhyees, under the leadership of Captain Donald Mackenzie, were trapping on the river that now bears the name when they were attacked by a band of Snake Indians and killed.

After this time the river was known as the Sandwich Island River and was later called the Owyhee River. The mountains and the county were subsequently named from the river.

Idaho Candy Company uses Owyhee as a registered brand name on our candy. Originally, as expressed by Captain Cook, the word meant Delightful, Beautiful, Satisfying, which is truly symbolized in the famous Owyhee Chocolates.


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