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Man v. Food Visits Austin, TX

21 Dec

Fun show, likeable host — Give this show a shot. We dig it!

Check Out Garden & Gun Magazine

21 Dec


A Garden & Gun photo taken at Leidenheimer Bakery in New Orleans

Let me start by saying I’m not a hunter, don’t own a gun, and don’t have much of a green thumb. That out of the way, a new magazine called “Garden & Gun” has really impressed us. Billed as “The Soul of the South,” this publication out of Charleston, SC is a real thing of beauty. Great photographs and interesting short stories about all things Southern. There is also great writing from the likes of Rick Bragg, Roy Blount, Jr., Marshall Chapman, and food critic John T. Edge.  


The above image was part of a fascinating piece on the Caribbean

Learn more by surfing over to their nicely done web site …

Two Great New Southern Books

21 Dec


As many of you know, we here at have a strong fondness for New Orleans and the region known as the Mississippi Delta.

Our years living in places like Mobile, AL and Hernando, MS have allowed us great access to this wonderland of history and great eating.

The University of Mississippi has recently released 2 books that fall into this category. Check them both out and please consider them as possible Christmas gifts for that Southerner or Southerner at Heart in your family or circle of friends.  


Eating and cooking well are not just industries but ways of life for all New Orleans. Writer and photographer Elsa Hahne has visited the kitchens of thirty-three of New Orleans’s home cooks and raconteurs and has served up an expansive smorgasbord inspired by this vibrant city’s love affair with food.

Almost every cultural group that has made its mark on New Orleans is represented in these pages: Creole, African American, Native American, Isleño, German, Cajun, Italian, Irish, Greek, Hungarian, Croatian, Cuban, Honduran, Mexican, Indian, Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese, and more.

With thirty-three first-person accounts and over one hundred black-and-white and full-color photographs, You Are Where You Eat proves that the local population remains as passionate about cooking after the hurricanes of 2005 as at any time before. Among the eighty-five recipes are such classic New Orleans dishes as red beans and rice, catfish court bouillon, crawfish bisque, filé gumbo, grillades, and daube glacé, but also more recent arrivals to local tables: yakamein, pork tamales, crawfish samosas, and Vietnamese spring rolls.



The Mississippi Delta evokes mystery, beauty, and hardship in equal measures. Its haunted fields, turbulent history, and resilient people have fueled countless songs, tales, and literary works, and its presence resonates strongly in the construction of the American South.

In Delta Deep Down, photographer Jane Rule Burdine captures the region with clarity and warmth. Since the early 1970s, Burdine has used the Delta as her muse, traversing and documenting the ever-changing landscape in color photographs. These powerful images reflect how the Delta and its citizens have responded to each other, and how each has in turn been changed. Weatherbeaten shacks, cotton and soybean fields, industrial equipment, people at work and play, and cloud-draped, endless horizons are all seen through Burdine’s lens. The Delta’s past and present mingle in every photograph of the inhabitants–black and white, young and old, rich and poor–in moments of contemplation, hard work, and joyous revelry.

Novelist and Indianola native Steve Yarbrough offers a touching, personal introduction that explores how Burdine’s photographs reveal the place he once called home, and how, through her photographs, the hold this fertile ground claims on his heart is reinforced. Delta Deep Down offers an unforgettable portrait of a quintessential Mississippi place and the people who abide in it.

Wendy McDaris provides historical context and locates Burdine’s work among current trends in fine art photography.

Albritton’s Tangerine Marmalade

21 Dec


Florida citrus is big business — especially this time of year.

A good last minute gift idea might be to send your friends and loved ones a little bit of Florida Sunshine. And one good option is to order through the fine folks at Albritton’s right here in Sarasota, FL.


One of my favorite products at Albritton’s is their Tangerine Marmalade. It is really special … incredibly fresh and tart. And yes, you can easily distinguish this from your typical store-bought orange marmalade.

Give them a try – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.