Have a Goo Goo Christmas!

9 Dec


In 1912, Howard Campbell, founder of Standard Candy Company, had a dilemma. He had just invented America’s first “combination candy bar” – a delicious concoction of caramel, marshmallow and roasted peanuts, hand coated with rich milk chocolate in an unusual round shape …

And he didn’t know what to call it. A friend suggested the name Goo Goo as it described the rich, chewy consistency of the candy bar and because “It’s so good, people will ask for it from birth.”

Today, the great taste, unique shape and name of the Goo Goo Cluster and related products are an American Tradition and Howard Campbell’s dilemma is your delight. 

Those of you who grew up in and around the Nashville area will certainly be familiar with the almighty Goo Goo Cluster. If your taste buds haven’t yet met a Goo Goo, you are really in for a treat. So why delay the inevitable any longer? It’s simply too good to resist.

The fine folks at Standard Candy, loyal sponsors of the Grand Ole Opry,  have long been a featured product on our web site at www.dixiedining.com .  And every year about this time we receive a big shipment of their products at our home office. This, I might add, is always a highly anticipated event. The year we received a generous supply of what is known as the Goo Goo Supreme. Man, this Supreme is even sweeter than the singing of Diana Ross and the girls.


The Goo Goo Supreme is a spinoff of the original Goo Goo recipe and is made with Georgia Pecans, Caramel, Marshmallows, and Milk Chocolate. It’s an oooey, gooey bundle of joy … that is for sure! I can’t imagine a better stocking stuffer for youngsters sure to crave something sweet this Christmas. Just make sure Great-Grandma has her Fixodent handy before she attacks one of these babies. They’ll give your mandible a real workout.


Merry Christmas, all … now it’s time to get yourself some Goo Goo’s!

2 Responses to “Have a Goo Goo Christmas!”

  1. Darius T. Williams December 9, 2008 at 11:53 pm #

    I’ve never had goo goo’s – but after reading this I think I need to pick some up!


    • dixiedining December 10, 2008 at 12:19 am #

      You will LOVE them … they are awesome!

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