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The Perfect Pop Song

8 Dec

“Bend Me, Shape Me” from the American Breed — this is one of the best pop songs from the glorious 1960’s. Take a close look at the bass player … I think he delivered a pizza to my house in the early 1970’s. Sure, the lip synching is annoying, but there’s no denying the sugary sweet power of this vintage pop classic. I guess the hand claps and horn parts were performed off screen … (:

Campbell’s Time Running Out?

8 Dec

Redskins Ravens Football

Jason Campbell has now had plenty of time to develop as an NFL QB. How much longer are Redskins fans going to have to wait for him to blossom into the leader we thought he would become. His slow, sleepy demeanor is frankly disturbing to me. Have you ever seen him get fired up? Have you ever seen him clap his hands in an effort to rally his teammates? Have you ever witnessed him admonishing a teammate for a mental lapse? In fact, have you ever observed him (on or off the field) showing any emotion whatsoever? The guy, I’m sorry to say, is a zombie.

This team needs a leader and that leadership is clearly not coming from Campbell nor from the slightly kooky, “hip hip hooray antics” of woefully inexperienced Head Coach Jim Zorn. Daniel Snyder and his cronies have made blunder after blunder in running this team. Deon Sanders, Steve Spurrier … must I continue? Snyder pays far too much to get far too little out of this group of players — and coaches. We need to trade for a QB or start thinking about giving Hawaii’s Colt Brennan a shot behind center. If not, I guess we’re looking at another 10 years of frustration and mediocrity in a football market that deserves far better.

Right now, we’re staring at a possible last place finish in the NFC East and an early end to what started out as a very promising season. Snyder can always go out and buy himself another Bentley to put a smile back on his face this holiday season.  The rest of us in Skins Nation are left holding a big old bag of coal. Bah Humbug, indeed!