Hokies Advance to Orange Bowl

7 Dec


We drove up to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa for the game. The weather was awesome — sunny and about 75 degrees at kick off. Had a great time tailgating with my old friend, Martin. Martin and I grew up together in Reston, VA and both of us attended VT. He drove down with some buddies from Blacksburg, where he continues to live year round. There are not many bigger Hokie fans anywhere on this planet. The crowd was pretty light — Hokies outnumbered BC faithful by about a 2-1 margin.  


Tech won 30-12 over Boston College to win their 2nd ACC Championship in a row. Pretty impressive considering this was thought to be a rebuilding year for Frank Beamer and the Hokies. As you can see above, we were pretty pleased with the final result of the game.  We were proud of the way our boys fought and clawed their way to victory. It was not pretty this year, but Beamer Ball proved once again to be a winning formula. Special props to Defensive Guru Bud Foster — the VT “D” completely stifled the BC offense for most of the afternoon.


My boys Austin and Travis also attended — along with my wife Eileen, who snapped the photos you see above. Travis even picked up a VT lid while we were at the game. Not a bad pickup for just $10.  These two young dudes have never seen a Hokie loss in person. I guess we’ll be keeping them around for a while!


As we exited the stadium, I spotted former VT legend and NFL Hall of Famer Bruce Smith. He kindly obliged when I asked him for a quick photo opportunity. Bruce still looks like he could get out there and play … I surely wouldn’t want to mess with him.


Next stop is the Orange Bowl on January 1st 2009.

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