The Wizard of Oz Retains Its Magic

17 Nov

Here (above) is the MGM original trailer for the Wizard from 1939

Also, I have included an interesting piece below. This tells the story of the casting of Dorothy. I just can’t imagine Shirley Temple in that role. Garland was only 16 when the movie was filmed, but her soulful voice could never have been matched by the shrill Temple. Margaret Hamilton was a scary witch and Frank Morgan turned in a wonderfully whimsical portrayal of the Wizard himself. A young Buddy Ebsen would have been terrific as the Tin Man, but you must admit Jack Haley was just fine as a last-minute replacement. The limber Ray Bolger was the perfect choice for the Scarecrow. What casting!   

The music really makes the film — what a score — one of the best ever!

I read the L. Frank Baum book recently and there are many notable differences. Let’s just say the book was for kids and very simplistic. I did enjoy the pen and ink illustrations. They are extremely old-school … giving the book a really nostalgic feel.


Kudoes to Victor Fleming and his crew for turning the core material into pure Technicolor movie magic. In closing, here’s a medley of the film’s amazing musical moments. Note: The actors portraying the Munchkins really didn’t sing. Their songs were recorded by professionals and then sped up to sound like little people.

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