Lunch at Captain Curt’s

11 Nov


When the summer heat fades away, I always have a taste for a good soup or chowder. The place to go on Siesta Key is Captain Curt’s. As you can see from the picture above, they serve a wicked bowl of New England Clam “Chowda.” Sure, it’s creamy and very tasty, yet it’s the clam to potato ratio (3/1?) that makes this bowl of goodness an award winner. Tons of meaty clams — and they are extremely tender.


For my entree I called for the Mahi Mahi sandwich served Cajun style. I squirted some fresh lemon on top, slathered the fish with a little lemon dill mayo, and the rest is history. Captain Curt’s is very much an Old Florida style family establishment. They also have a bar and nightclub in the back and a very cool Tiki Bar if you want to hang outside. This is a local hub for Ohio State Buckeye fans, so Michigan Wolverines beware.  


Before you set sail, check out Captain Curt’s gift shop. All sorts of funky swag to take back to the poor landlubbers who had to stay home. The little beanies seen above are just a small example of the booty you’ll find at Captain Curt’s. If you’re ever gonna pick up some crabs, this is definitely the way to go!

Visit soon and tell them Dixie Dining sent you.

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