Heirloom Beans from Rancho Gordo

9 Nov


I received a review copy of this book earlier in the week. There are some nice recipes for chilis, salsas, spreads, salads and more. In particular, I am excited about trying the recipes for Red Chili Con Carne and Anasazi Cowboy Chili (made with ground buffalo meat and Anasazi beans). The trick will be locating heirloom beans in our somewhat limited marketplace. This area (SW FL) is great for citrus, but not so much for beans.

I may try mail ordering some beans at www.heirlooms.org of Berea, Kentucky. Can anyone out there in cyberspace recommend this site or another source for heirloom produce? If so, give me a holler, won’t you?

What follows is the cookbook’s product description found on the publisher’s web site:

Heirloom Beans — Who would have thought a simple bean could do so much? Heirloom bean expert Steve Sando provides descriptions of the many varieties now available, from Scarlet ­Runners to the spotted Eye of the Tiger beans. Nearly 90 recipes in the book will entice readers to cook up bowls of heartwarming Risotto and Cranberry Beans with Pancetta, or Caribbean Black Bean Soup. Close-up photos of the beans make them easy to identify. Packed with protein, fiber, and vitamins, these little treasures are the perfect addition to any meal.

Steve Sando is the founder of Rancho Gordo, the acclaimed ­specialty food company that distributes heirloom produce, seeds, and beans worldwide. He lives in Northern California. Vanessa Barrington is a writer and recipe developer. Sara Remington is a San Francisco Bay Area-based photographer.

Order your cookbook today from our friends at Chronicle Books:


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