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SFA Tackles “Wine in the South”

21 Oct

Don’t laugh, folks — Dixie is producing some serious vino these days.

The Southern Foodways Alliance has always done a terrific job with its Oral History projects. We really enjoyed their take on Florida’s Forgotten Coast. In fact, that piece inspired us to plan out a long weekend in Apalachicola. Can’t wait — we’re blasting off soon!

Their “Wine in the South” study covers NC, GA and my home state of Virginia. The stories and photos brought back some wonderful memories of Fall day trips to beautiful places like Barboursville, Oakencroft, and Monticello. They even include Duplin Winery in Eastern NC and, of course, wines made at the amazing Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC — another former DD home base. Yup, we get around! 

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Crazy Food-Related Concept Album

21 Oct

We just stumbled upon this post on the Southern Foodways Alliance web site …

On Thursday evening, October 23, the band One Ring Zero will appear on a special edition of Thacker Mountain Radio at 6pm in the Nutt Auditorium on the Ole Miss campus. This event will be open to the public. In addition to musical guests One Ring Zero and Andy Friedman, this special edition of Thacker Mountain Radio will also feature poet Kevin Young and writer Ken Wells. Later that evening One Ring Zero will play at Proud Larry’s, located at 211 South Lamar Blvd.

Led by Michael Hearst and Joshua Camp, One Ring Zero is a Brooklyn, New York, band described by The New Yorker as the creators of “soundscapes that are both haunting and entertaining.”

“Oxford is one of our favorite places to play, and we jumped on this chance immediately,” said founding member Hearst, a composer, multi-instrumentalist and writer. “We thought it would be fun to tie in with the symposium and do a song based on graffiti from Taylor Grocery.”

In past albums, they have focused on literary themes and have featured collaborations with authors such as Jonathan Lethem. Their latest effort sets its sights on food and features the likes of Mario Batali. “Every song is a different recipe from a different chef, sung word for word,” said Hearst. “It is pretty ridiculous and fun.”

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