“Manny Being Manny”

16 Oct

Ever wonder who first uttered this famous catch phrase?


The very first usage of the phrase in print was attributed to then-Indians Manager Mike Hargrove in a 1995 Newsday story. By then, Manny had already developed a reputation for his singular obsession with baseball and his aloofness regarding everything else. (His high school coach said: “If I told Manny to be there for a game at 1 p.m., he was there two hours early. If I said the team picture was at 1 p.m., he’d forget and not show up.”) While referring to one such incident, in which Ramirez had forgotten his paycheck in a pair of boots at a visitor’s clubhouse, writer Jon Heyman picked up on an interesting quote from Hargrove, “That’s just Manny being Manny,” he said. “He’s a lot better than he was two years ago.”

Translation: Manny’s spacey and little strange, but he’s still a kid. Give him a few years and this kind of behavior will be a thing of the past. Or not.

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