Cafe Havana in Oneco, FL

16 Oct

Cafe Havana is on 63rd Street in little Oneco, Florida. Oneco is a tiny crossroads located about midway between Sarasota and Bradenton. The local population is heavily Hispanic, so this is a good place to drop a Cuban cafe. After getting a taste earlier in the week at Jose’s in Bradenton, I decided to do a little compare and contrast at this roadside oasis. Nice joint inside — quite a bit larger than the cozy confines at Jose’s.

Pictured above is the Lechon (pork) Cuban sandwich with grilled onions. I ordered this for lunch — along with a 12 oz. Jarritos Madarin soft drink. The menu made the sandwich sound quite a bit better than it actually was. Expecting citrus marinated strands of pork laced with carmelized grilled onions, I was disappointed to find the pork came in small squares that were luke warm and pretty flavorless. The bread was good and, after liberally applying some salt and Tampa-made Valencia brand Hot Sauce, I was ultimately able to choke it all down without too much difficulty. It was OK, I guess. But it surely paled in comparison to Jose’s delectible Cuban sandwich.

The highlight of this particular meal was the platter of sweet fried Maduros (plantains). These babies were cooked to perfection and I polished them off in short order. I would encourage you to stop by if you’re in the neighborhood. Just don’t order the pork with onions sandwich since there appear to be many other more promising options on the rather copious lunch menu at Cafe Havana.

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