Maytag Blue Cheese is the Best

19 Sep

You must experience this blue cheese!

I enjoyed lunch today at Tommy Bahama’s Tropical Cafe on Lido Key. I started out with a cup of their Tortula Tortilla Soup. The soup was chock full of white chicken meat and topped with a couple of sprigs of fresh cilantro and some sour cream — really good! I could have devoured a couple more cups, but I wanted to save room for my entree — the St. Croix Salad. This salad featured grilled chicken, Granny Smith apples, tomatoes, sweet white corn, hickory smoked bacon, croutons, and Maytag blue cheese — all drenched with a tangy honey-lime vinegrette.

The salad’s flavors blended perfectly, yet one truly delicious flavor stood out from the rest. That was the incredible Maytag blue cheese from the great state of Iowa. I have long heard Emeril Lagasse and other top chefs sing the praises of Maytag, but I couldn’t really imagine one blue cheese being that much better than the next. Boy, was I wrong! Maytag’s profile is nothing short of a flavor explosion — creamy and pungent without being overpowering or, well, stinky. I suggest you try it ASAP. It’s amazing!  

I pulled the following paragraph from the Maytag website:

On October 11, 1941, the first wheels of Maytag Blue Cheese were formed and put to age in our caves. Not much has changed since then, although our truck is newer and our cheesemakers are older! Today, we still make each wheel by hand, aging it in our caves twice as long as most other blue cheeses. After all, why change a good thing?

For more info or to order, go to

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