Durham NC’s Counter Culture Coffee

19 Sep

Has anyone out there tried this brand of java? We look forward to tasting it.

They’re a Southern-based brand, so we’ll try to promote & support them.

There’s nothing more exciting than introducing people to authentic, delicious coffee that is produced with care by talented farmers dedicated to fair, democratic principles, sustainable agriculture, and the cultivation of the highest quality coffees imaginable. For more than a decade, we have spent an unprecedented amount of time working side by side with our partners at origin to source the greatest coffees in the world, directly from the farmers themselves, celebrating the individuals, farms, and cultures behind each harvest. Coffee is a seasonal fruit, and like any responsible purveyor of fresh produce, we only sell coffee at the peak of flavor and freshness; and we roast skillfully, in small batches, to bring out each coffee’s singular characteristics and “taste of place.”

We also have a mission to create cutting-edge coffee people, and through our regional training centers and industry-leading coffee education, this mission extends beyond our employees to our customers, friends, and ultimately to the general public. We’ve found that the more informed you are about coffee, the better we are forced to perform. So, browse around, join our ‘insider’ newsletter, and by all means let us know what you think!

Learn more at www.counterculturecoffee.com

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