Have You Tried Beer Chips?

17 Sep

The Food and Wine section in our local newspaper had a short blurb about Beer Chips. Sounded pretty interesting, so I thought I would pass along the tip to all you foodies out there. Note: This same Portland, Oregon-based company also makes a tequila and lime chip as well as a Bloody Mary flavored chip. Cool, huh?

Which came first – the potato chip or the beer to drink after eating it?

These babies are thick-cut kettle style chips with a serious coating of sugar and salt and to top it off, covered with a major dose of the world’s most perfect beverage…beer.

These guzzle worthy chips provide a common sense answer when the inevitable and life-altering munchies come along and your stomach has taken over the thinking process with the only words it knows is “Beer & Chips”.

By really thinking hard one afternoon, the inventor of Beer Chips® created this technical beer-o-vation breakthrough. Beer Chips® will be there for you to help you truly multi-task while you watch your favorite game or hang out with friends. A virtual party in your mouth delivered in a shiny golden amber bag.

The beer snack god is now in the house.

Learn about how they were developed at:


One Response to “Have You Tried Beer Chips?”

  1. Sarah September 21, 2008 at 7:27 pm #

    The Beer flavored ones are really delicious! They really do taste just like beer! The Bloody Mary and Margarita are awful, inconsistant and a major disappointment:( Hot Shots/Bloody Mary taste like ketchup chips dipped in BBQ sauce and the Margarita ones just didn’t have any flavor in one bag and another bag just had a little sugary taste. If you love chips like I do…you need to try Intoxi-Tators yet? The Bloody Mary are to die for and the Margarita are super tasty. If you haven’t tried them you should. So far I have only found them locally(FL)but you can get them on their site and prices are pretty good!!

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