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Sylvia’s Collards are the Next Best Thing

13 Sep

My friend Todd Morton of Morton’s Market in Sarasota recently dined at Sylvia’s Soul Food Restaurant in Harlem. He came back raving about the food — he also said Sylvia was a sweet old lady. One result of that trip came as a pleasant surprise for us. Morton’s decided to add Sylvia’s canned Collard Greens to their product line. I happily visited the market last week and picked up a can to give it a try.

The greens were pretty darn good, I must admit. I’m a huge proponent of freshly picked collards, but this canned variety is perhaps the next best thing. All I had to do was open the can, add a splash of white vinegar, some red pepper flakes, and a pinch of sugar. The result was delicious — even the kids enjoyed them!

Learn more about Sylvia’s at — and keep it soulful, y’all!