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SFA Explores Louisville’s Barroom Culture

5 Sep

Louisville is awash in bourbon. And beer. It’s a drinking person’s town, due in no small part to the state’s bourbon heritage, the city’s nickname-namesake brewery, Falls City, and that little horse race called the Kentucky Derby. But there’s more to this town than brown liquor, local breweries, and racetracks. This is where, it’s said, the Old-Fashioned was invented. It’s where Al Capone dodged the law during Prohibition, ducking out of the Seelbach Hotel through secret passageways. And it’s where barkeeps plied their customers with rolled oysters and bean soup to keep them coming back. Louisville’s private clubs, hotel bars, and neighborhood taverns are rich with drinking history and lore. But they’re also rife with innovation and talk of the future. In Louisville, there’s always time for another round.

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R. Crumb Exhibit in Philly

5 Sep

An R. Crumb comic book cover

A Philadelphia native, Robert Crumb arrived in San Francisco during the year 1967. There he became the leader of the growing “comix” movement and set new standards for adult satire. in the world of streetwear, R. Crumb’s work has stretched beyond the comic strip to land on a collection from Supreme. A new exhibition at the ICA Philadelphia explores the full career of R. Crumb in a variety of artistic ventures and settings.

Opening September 5, and running until December 7, R. Crumb’s Underground surveys his entire career. Themes of sex, social satire, jazz and the blues help to frame the artists work. It is the largest R. Crumb exhibition to date in the United States.

Mr. Natural was one of Crumb’s memorable characters