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Peruvian Chickens Invade USA

2 Sep

Now that I have your attention — I just read an email from Urban Daddy-Miami about Pardo’s, a new chain of Peruvian Chicken restaurants that is beginning to make a name in the USA. Their first US location is in the Miami area … and it has apparently been very well-received. Has anyone out there tried it yet? Sounds delicious — marinated with 14 secret incredients.

Here is some history on Pardo’s — I found it on their US web site:  

Our dream started in 1986 on a crowded corner on Avenida Pardo, one of the main avenues in the heart of the historic district of Miraflores in Lima, Peru. That´s where the name “Pardo´s Chicken” came from.

From the beginning, the main idea was to open a restaurant that would offer great tasting food and outstanding service in which our Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken ¨Pardo´s Brasa¨would be the main star of the menu. A simple idea with a lot of flavor.

Our Peruvian – style rotisserie chicken, Pardo´s Brasa, is marinated in a secret recipe with fourteen ingredients and evenly roasted in our custom-made ovens giving the chicken a unique flavor and an irresistible moist texture. A whole new taste that we want to share with the world!

Thast´s how 22 years of offering exceptional food passed by and today, we are proud to announce that Pardo´s Chicken is also in Chile and expanding soon to Mexico, while continuing to be the number one rotisserie chicken restaurant in Peru.

Thank you for helping us accomplish our dream and vision of ” taking a small part of the Peruvian cuisine to the world”. We are sure you will enjoy this unique food experience in our very own Peruvian-style.

Learn more about Pardo’s at

A look inside the dining room at Pardo’s