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Peter Lorre Night on TCM

13 Aug

It’s Peter Lorre Night tonight on Turner Classic Movies.

Remember the old Bugs Bunny cartoon with Peter Lorre and Edward G. Robinson? Watch it in the clip provided above.  It’s truly a classic — and a fun childhood memory.

Lorre starred as the ingenius sleuth Mr. Moto

Paul Johnson (one of the all-time great surf guitarists) wrote a song called Mr. Moto, which became a big regional hit in SoCal back in the early 1960s. I have included a video of Paul and some old friends performing the tune at a 2007 reunion at the Huntington Beach Surfing Museum. Get totally stoked!

Anyone Remember Ed Roth’s Rat Fink?

13 Aug

“Tales of the Rat Fink” was released in 2006; it’s now available on DVD

Ed Roth’s Rat Fink character

Lush Vegetation on Siesta Key

13 Aug

Our island of Siesta Key is a thing of natural beauty

This creepy cactus grows up some of our many palms

This is a brightly colored Hibiscus bloom we saw on our evening walk

Here is some mysterious Spanish Moss hanging along Oxford Street

This is another very unusual floral bloom — the colors are amazing!

Lots of wild berries — these were found a few steps from our pad