Five Guys is Tasty, But Practice Moderation

11 Aug

Goal: “Five Guys goal is to sell the best quality burgers possible. To sell the best burger possible we focus on Quality, Service and Cleanliness.”

The passage above is the mission statement for Five Guys Burgers and Fries, a rapidly expanding chain of eateries based in the Washington, DC area. We have one here in Sarasota and I dropped in for a late lunch today. Pretty cool concept — burgers and fries … and that’s about it. They are all about keeping it simple and doing what they do extremely well. Mission accomplished! The burgers are always fresh (never any frozen beef) and the fries are cut each morning from fresh Idaho spuds. As you can see, the words value or bargain is not to be found in the mission statement … more on that later.

WARNING: This burger is not actual size — but it’s close!

This collossal beast shown above is a Five Guys burger fully loaded. Two beef patties, cheese, bacon, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, and pickle slice. Don’t even ask how many calories are in one of these babies — that would surely take all the fun out of ingesting this monster. It is a gooey, satisfying mess. A burger like this will set you back about $6. The fries (Cajun or Five Guys Style) are very good, but they don’t come with your burger order. Fries are sold a la carte here and run $2.49 (regular) and $3.99 (large).

A large drink costs $2, so your basic hungry boy lunch with Five Guys could end up costing you up to $12 plus tax. Hey, don’t get me wrong. The chow is really enjoyable, but that’s a tad pricey for a burger and fries fast food experience. If you’re dining with a friend, I suggest splitting a large order of fries — the portions are generous enough.

Maybe they’ll sell enough Five Guys hats and T-shirts so they can drop the prices just a touch. Wishful thinking, I know. Nevertheless, I will be back … but don’t expect to see me there once or twice a week. More like once or twice a year. My banker and cardiologist will both be pleased to hear that!

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