“Chef Travis”

11 Aug

Here is a cute shot of my #2 son, Travis. He is a foodie just like Dad and is talking about wanting to be a chef one day. Sounds good to me. Maybe he can get his own show on Food Network and feed me & Eileen some tasty grub when we’re old and geezy. Frankly, I’m happy that Travis is thinking about career possibilities at this early age (he’s just 11).

I wanted to work in pro baseball when I was that age and that dream has come true (although my successes are selling big sponsorships and not hitting walk-off home runs for the Cincinnati Reds). In college, I wanted to work as a DJ and Sportscaster and I later accomplished that dream as well (my DJ air name was the Rockin’ Fig; I also worked for the Virginia Tech Sports Network). If you want it bad enough, big dreams can come true.

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