Sonny’s BBQ Gets the Job Done

8 Aug

I had lunch today at Sonny’s Real Pit BBQ in Sarasota. OK, I know it’s a pretty big chain of eateries throughout the Southeast. But there are simply not many good BBQ choices in this part of Florida. I needed a BBQ fix — it had been a while — and I’m happy to report that Sonny’s really hit the spot.

It smelled really good as I entered the dining area. Smoky as all get out … that’s a really positive sign. I also noticed they were offering an All You Can Eat BBQ chicken platter for just $6.99. Sounded like a winner to me. The first thing to hit my table was a heaping mound of freshly made cole slaw. It was served at just the right temperature (cool) and tasted just fine. Next to arrive was my entree, which included 3 pieces of smoked bird (back, breast and drumstick), 2 slabs of garlic toast, and a bowl of baked beans.

The chicken was very nicely done — smoky and quite meaty. I even asked for an extra piece. My server was attentive and pleasant. The atmosphere is pretty much what you would expect from a Southern BBQ joint. Wood paneled booths, red and white checkered table tops, license plates on the wall, oldies playing quietly in the background. The beans were tasty (sweet with just a faint hint of spice) and the toast came in handy as I soaked up all the stray BBQ sauce. Sonny’s offers 4 kinds of sauce — Mild, Sweet, Sizzlin’ Sweet, and Smokin’. I opted for the Sizzlin’ Sweet, which tasted like a Memphis style sauce with a good splash of hot sauce.  

You’ll need a whole mess of these babies once your belly is full.

Don’t pass these guys by just because they are a massive chain (tons of locations in Florida). The grub is pretty decent and the price is right.

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