Alden’s Organic Ice Cream

8 Aug

We tried Alden’s Ice Cream for the first time yesterday. I picked up some of their Blackberry at Whole Foods Market here in Sarasota. The ice cream is made in Eugene, Oregon, so I figured it must be special if they were shipping it all the way across the USA. It is an all-organic ice cream – something I have never seen before. Organic egg yolks, organic cream, organically grown fruit, organic cane juice for sweeteners … you get the picture.

Other Alden Ice Cream flavors include Vanilla Bean, Cookies n Cream, Strawberry, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Mint Chip, etc. As for the flavor, I found the Blackberry variety to be extremely creamy and delicious. It had a fresh and fruity flavor more similar to homemade ice cream with small pieces of real blackberries in every spoonful.

Fresh blackberries make some tasty ice cream

Alden’s Ice Cream may not be available in your area, but if it is … I recommend you give it a try. It’s not as expensive as you might think – about $4.99 for a 1.5 quart container.

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