C’est La Vie

6 Aug

Downtown Sarasota is blessed with many several good bars and cozy cafes. One of my favorites is C’est La Vie on Main Street. It is a little slice of Paris in the Sunshine State. It’s run by some folks who actually hail from France. You can tell by their thick accents. You can also tell by the quality of their breads and pastries. Morning is a busy time here, but the help is efficient and the lines move quickly. They make a pretty good cup of java too! They are open for breakfast and lunch Monday – Saturday.

I was in the mood for a breakfast pastry this morning, so I ducked in and grabbed some kind of crunchy raspberry delight. It had a sweet and flaky exterior, while the inside was filled with tart raspberry preserves. Man, you talk about delicious??? Oui, Oui. I also grabbed a loaf of olive bread to take home for lunch. Eileen was pretty pleased when I toted that bad boy through the front door.

This is a picture of my raspberry pastry — it was really delicious

C’est La Vie is about as authentic as you will find this side of the Atlantic. They even have sidewalk tables shaded by colorful umbrellas. Grab a seat, order a sweet treat, and watch the world stroll by while you slowly sip on your morning brew. C’est La Vie, indeed!

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