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“Roly Poly … Daddy’s Little Fatty”

5 Aug

Another food song. Bob Wills did it first … Marty Robbins performs it above.

Bourdain & Nugent – The Odd Couple 2

5 Aug

If you watched last night’s premiere of No Reservations, I’m sure you got a kick out of Tony Bourdain’s encounter with Rock n Roll icon, Ted Nugent. It was a classic moment. The two men share little in common — other than their eternal love for meat cooked over open fires. The entire episode was interesting, but the nine plus minute segment (watch it above) filmed near Waco, TX was both highly entertaining and surprising.

Surprising in that Nugent (a hardcore Republican and NRA advocate) had Bourdain (a gun control proponent & flaming Democrat) in the palm of his hand. Even Tony admitted that Ted had a rather persuasive way about him. Hey, it doesn’t hurt when he’s packing that kind of heat. So grab yourself an ice cold Shiner Bock and enjoy. This segment really needs to go in the time capsule. Seriously!

“Now That’s a Good Sandwich!”

5 Aug

A few weeks back I mentioned my fondness for the Blackened Tuna Sandwich at The Monkey Room (inside The Colony Resort on Longboat Key). Well, here’s another beauty for you. This one is called the Lear 55 sandwich — served exclusively at The Flying Dog Cafe. It’s a panini style creation made with super lean roast beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and a zesty horseradish sauce. Once assembled, it is placed in a panini hot press resulting in a slightly flattened sandwich with gooey swiss dripping off the sides. Really delicious and a true value at just $6.25 (includes one side item and a dill pickle wedge). I opted for the fruit salad for my side. It featured nice little chunks of fresh pineapple and melon. 

The Flying Dog Cafe doesn’t look like much from the outside. The structure looks almost like an aircraft hangar. As a matter of fact, the eatery is so close to the Sarasota-Bradenton Airport that you can hear the planes roaring overhead while you dine. The interior (as you can imagine) has very high ceilings, but they have done a nice job of giving the place a cozy feel. It’s quite a colorful place painted with pastel shades and enhanced with lots of corrugated metals. The bar features some good brews on tap — including Yuengling (a classic PA brew) and – you guessed it – Flying Dog Ale (brewed in Frederick, MD; ).

The Flying Dog’s primary clientele is the lunch crowd from the surrounding industrial park. They also get a lot of locals who gather for the good food and live music on Thursday and Friday nights. It has a friendly pub kind of feel to the joint. They use Boars Head meats on their sandwiches and that should tell you about their attention to detail and focus on serving quality food to their loyal customers. Keep it up, guys — I will be back and will spread the word as best I can.

The Beach Boys Sing About Healthy Eating

5 Aug

This is a catchy little number — find it if you can. It’s included in their box set collection. The lyrics are pretty wacky — only the second pop song I’ve ever heard that mentions enemas. The other? That would be Frank Zappa’s sublimely ridiculous “Illinois Enema Bandit.”

“H.E.L.P. is on the Way”

Stark naked in front of my mirror
A pudgy person somehow did appear
Seems lately all I’ve eaten sugar and fat
It’s getting obvious that’s not where it’s at
A big pot and tripley chin
Oh what condition my condition was in
Laughing at myself at what a crying shame
What ever happened to my Greek godly frame

Cyclamates juicy steaks, sweet things too
Aren’t always good as they seem
Doughy lumps, stomach pumps, enemas too
That’s what you get when you eat that way

I read a book on organic foods
Jumped on a health food kick
Put me in the mood
You may not get to perfect overnight
But on the way you’re feelin’ clean out of sight
We ate tonight at Fairfax and 3rd
We’re gonna spread the news and give you the word
We hope that soon you’ll eat like we did today
We’re mighty thankful now that H.E.L.P.’s on its way
Salad with a special knock you right off your seat
With carrot juice to wash it all down
Yummy carob cookies are an organic treat
And H.E.L.P. has got the best food in town

H.E.L.P. your education creates much benefit and peace

Hamburgers and hot dogs throw ’em all out
You’ll feel so good you’ll jump up and shout
If you haven’t why don’t you go shopping today
And ‘member now that H.E.L.P. ‘s on its way