Home of the Hammer to be Saved

4 Aug
Henry Aaron’s Childhood Home in Mobile, AL
Officials are expected announce Monday that Hank Aaron’s childhood home will be moved to the park next to the Hank Aaron Memorial Stadium and turned into an Aaron family museum. The city and the Mobile BayBears minor league baseball team, which plays in the stadium, will work together to move the house to the stadium’s Gas Light Park. BayBears president Bill Shanahan came up with the idea last year and presented it to Aaron, who talked it over with family members. “He was touched by the thought,” Shanahan told the a local newspaper. “He talked to family members and we stayed in touch. In November, hank called back and said he had talked with his mother and his siblings and they made a commitment to the project.” Aaron’s mother, Estella, died in April.

The plan calls for the house to be moved in October and the museum to open in March. The grand opening will be the crowning moment of a season-long celebration of Aaron’s 75th birthday, Shanahan said. “I thought it was a great idea from the outset,” said Mobile Mayor Sam Jones. “To have one of the greatest players in the nation be from Mobile and to have a museum to honor him and his accomplishments, I think is a great opportunity.”

BayBears president and COO Bill Shanahan thought of the idea about 18 months ago and pitched it to “Hammerin’ Hank.” Aaron loved the idea so much, he’ll be visiting the area in the coming weeks to help get the word out and show support. “When I told him about the idea, he went completely silent,” Shanahan said. “I thought that was a bad sign, but I later found out he was humbled by it and just couldn’t speak. He was very excited right when he heard about the idea.

View the above video clip on the announcement from FOX TV News

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