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Phillippi Creek Village Oyster Bar

1 Aug

Here is the eye-catching sign just off Sarasota’s South Tamiami Trail

This is a cool place … and right on the beaten path. Highway 41 (AKA South Tamiami Trail) is the main North-South drag through Sarasota. If you’re looking for good seafood in an Old Florida setting, the Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar is a fine choice. It’s clean, family friendly, the food is good, and the pricing is quite fair. They offer several daily lunch specials for $8.95-$9.95.

Get your photo here and you’ll be happy as a clam — yuk, yuk

The interior is cozy & rustic. Lots of wood everywhere. Ceiling fans spin overhead as you eat at wooden picnic tables and gaze out at Phillippi Creek. The family seated next to me was vacationing from New York. They ordered an appetizer of Gator Bites and really seemed to enjoy it. My server was nice and we even talked a little baseball. That is never a bad thing.  

My char-grilled tuna with slaw & parsley taters was awesome. There is just something so incredibly special about char-grilled fish. My tuna was cooked to a perfect medium. The slaw was cool and speckled with just the right amount of celery seed. I passed on the french fries and asked for the parsley potatoes as a substitute. That was an excellent call — they were buttery and delicious.

All in all a terrific lunch — and a bargain at just $8.95. Check ’em out … you will not be disappointed.

Here is Another Classic Food Song

1 Aug

Nat King Cole and Savannah’s own Johnny Mercer — what a great duo!

Here are the original song lyrics:

Henry is not a drinker
He rarely takes a nip
He don’t need a napkin
‘Cause the things he eats don’t drip – blip!
One day we had a banquet
It really was a bake
They started off with
short ribs
Then finished off with steak
But when the feast was over
Brother Henry just kept his seat
And we served the bones to Henry Jones
‘Cause Henry don’t eat no meat

Our banquet was most proper
Right down to demitasse
From soup to lox and bagels
And pheasant under glass – class!
We thought the chops were mellow
He said his chops were beat – reet!
We served the bones to Henry Jones
‘Cause Henry don’t eat no meat
He’s an egg man
Henry don’t eat no meat
He loves a pullet
Henry don’t eat no meat
A vegetarian
Coming mother!
Soup’s on

Johnny is surely one of our favorite composers and