Our Favorite Sports Team Logo

31 Jul

The Montgomery (AL) Biscuits are the TB Rays AA team in the Southern League. The team mascot is a heavily buttered biscuit named “Monty” — now that’s good taste!

Why the names “Biscuits?” Read the team’s May 2003 release below …

The team’s official logos and colors were designed by Percy Wang of Simple Studios, Chicago, Illinois, in collaboration with Dickson and Myers. The primary logo, containing an animated biscuit character who has a pad of butter for a tongue and wears baseball cleats, is known as “Monty”, and can be viewed at the team’s official website, www.biscuitsbaseball.com .

“Choosing the team’s name is such a monumental part of bringing baseball to a city,” said Tom Dickson. “It has to portray an image of fun, be easily communicated in a dozen different ways, and most importantly, it has to be representative of an entire community. When Sherrie and I first heard the name Biscuits, we fell in love with it. I can almost smell the Biscuits baking at the new ballpark!”

In addition to announcing the name of the team, the team opened the Biscuit Basket, their official retail store at Union Station, immediately following the announcement. The store is full of team merchandise, allowing fans to see, touch and wear the logo of their new team. Select Biscuits merchandise can also be purchased on-line at biscuitsbaseball.com. The store will remain open until 11:00 p.m. on Friday, May 23. Regular hours at the Biscuit Basket will be Monday – Saturday 10:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. and Sunday from Noon – 4:00 P.M.

“May 23, really marks the birth of our brand,” said Sherrie Myers. “We’re so excited about the positive impact that baseball will have on Montgomery, and the announcement of the name is just the beginning of a long relationship between the Biscuits and the community.”

The “Official Biscuit of the Biscuits” (now that’s redundant) is Mary B’s. They do make a really good frozen biscuit that tastes pretty close to scratch. Check them out at www.homemadefoods.com or try a few at your next Montgomery Biscuits home game – whenever that might be.

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