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Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream

27 Jul

This is a new premium ice cream flavor from Publix. Just picked it up this morning. They also offer a Goo Goo Cluster variety with vanilla and peanut butter ice cream, streaks of gooey caramel, and broken pieces of the famous Goo Goo candy bars made in Nashville, TN. The Red Velvet flavor is essentially vanilla ice cream with chunks of red velvet cake, roasted pecan pieces, and little “spirals” of cream cheese icing (think cookie dough ice cream). They have a Key Lime Pie ice cream too — haven’t sampled that one yet.

Publix makes a very good premium ice cream and the prices are a good deal less than the big national brands — especially Ben & Jerry’s, Edy’s, Haagen-Dazs, etc. And no — I don’t work for Publix. We like Breyer’s a lot too. Their ice creams are all natural and the pricing is really good at Wal Mart. Guess they use the Breyer’s brand as a loss leader (a product sold at a low price to stimulate other, more profitable sales).

More Fishin’ Fun

27 Jul

Hart’s Landing Bait-Tackle-Snacks located under the bridge to Lido Key

Here are the boys fishing off the short pier using live shrimp for bait

This is a picture of one of two pinfish (a.k.a. porgies) I reeled in this morning

Here’s another look – they are beautiful fish, but notorious bait stealers

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