Cupcakes A Go-Go

25 Jul

Cupcakes A Go-Go — a new find on Sarasota’s Bee Ridge Road

Stopped by Cupcakes A Go-Go today. They opened in February of this year and word about them is starting to get out. The ladies who run the place are committed to doing it right and keeping it simple. They don’t offer a gazillion different flavors — just chocolate and vanilla combinations plus one flavor du jour (pardon my French). Today’s featured frosting flavor was Maple Walnut … offered on a vanilla or chocolate cupcake. I couldn’t resist giving it a try. And let me tell you, it was amazing. The vanilla cake was incredibly moist and obviously made from scratch. That’s right, folks … no box mixes here.

Our new friends at Cupcakes A Go-Go also do a fine job of decorating cupcakes (big and small) for special events like weddings, birthdays, company parties, etc. The above picture is a great example of their creativity. Tell me you wouldn’t score some points with a loved one if they were presented with this beautiful bouquet of cupcakes in a flower box.

The above image is my Maple Walnut cupcake from earlier this afternoon. The frosting was whipped to a lite and fluffy consistency and I am happy to report that the flavor was nice and subtle. Yup, not the over the top, sickenly sweet frosting that you can almost always count on when buying cupcakes at your local grocer.

Please drop in on Cupcakes A Go-Go when in the Sarasota area. The service is friendly and highly personalized and the products, well, speak for themselves. Whether you’re craving a single cupcake or planning to feed the entire neighborhood, this is really an excellent choice. They were quick to point out that they are not the cheapest bakery in town, but you can really taste the difference. These cupcakes are made with a great amount of TLC — and that is a rarity in these days of mass production. For more on this tucked away little gem, go to

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