Big Olaf’s Pistachio Ice Cream

22 Jul

Big Olaf’s Creamery can be found on Bahia Vista Road in Sarasota

After reading a feature in a recent issue of Sarasota magazine, I had to check out Big Olaf’s Pistachio ice cream. As many of you know, I am a certified pistachio freak who cannot resist the magical green nut. I really like the Blue Bunny brand, which can be found at several grocery stores including some Wal Mart locations.

Pistachio meltdown happens — a true race against the clock

I stopped by Olaf’s after lunch today as the outdoor temperature toyed with the 90 degree mark (100 degree heat index). Humid as all get out! I ordered a single scoop on a sugar cone and quickly darted to my car (where I snapped the above photo). As you can see, the ice cream was already in full meltdown mode, so I had to act quickly. The pistachio was very creamy and loaded with whole nuts (not pieces). Very impressive, people!

“Stone Cone” found in front of Olaf’s — talk about chunky!

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