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Big Olaf’s Pistachio Ice Cream

22 Jul

Big Olaf’s Creamery can be found on Bahia Vista Road in Sarasota

After reading a feature in a recent issue of Sarasota magazine, I had to check out Big Olaf’s Pistachio ice cream. As many of you know, I am a certified pistachio freak who cannot resist the magical green nut. I really like the Blue Bunny brand, which can be found at several grocery stores including some Wal Mart locations.

Pistachio meltdown happens — a true race against the clock

I stopped by Olaf’s after lunch today as the outdoor temperature toyed with the 90 degree mark (100 degree heat index). Humid as all get out! I ordered a single scoop on a sugar cone and quickly darted to my car (where I snapped the above photo). As you can see, the ice cream was already in full meltdown mode, so I had to act quickly. The pistachio was very creamy and loaded with whole nuts (not pieces). Very impressive, people!

“Stone Cone” found in front of Olaf’s — talk about chunky!

Trini Lopez was HUGE in the ’60s

22 Jul

It’s hard for some of you to believe today, but Trini Lopez had a massive following in the 1960’s. He performed what most would call folk music. But Trini plugged in his guitar and made folk music swing. Peter, Paul and Mary’s “If I had a Hammer” (watch the clip above) was probably his biggest hit.

I have this LP at home — a good one!

The guy was cool and even made a brief splash in Hollywood in the classic wartime flick “The Dirty Dozen.” I have included the movie’s original trailer below. If you haven’t seen it by now … well, see it … and that’s an order! 

Latest Bourdain Episode a Good One

22 Jul

One of Tony’s viewers suggested he visit and eat in Saudi Arabia. Not exactly a food mecca, but it turns out to be a good choice. His guest host was fun-loving and intelligent. And the food, including the camel, was obviously better than anticipated. The show aired for the first time last night on the Travel Channel, but will air again soon. Keep an eye out for it and watch the above video clip for a sneak peek.