How Now, Brown Cow?

16 Jul

This is the best store-bought yogurt we have ever tasted. With all due respect to big boys Yoplait and Dannon, the Brown Cow brand is decidedly more creamy and delicious. We first sampled their products in Austin, Texas at a street festival. We picked up a few store coupons and sought out Brown Cow yogurt in our local stores. Most mega grocers (including Wal-Mart) do not carry it yet. However, we found it at our local Whole Foods Market. One of our favorite flavors is Raspberry Pear (shown above). Get acquainted with the entire stable (uh, barn?) of Brown Cow offerings at  

Whether you’ve always combined your Brown Cow yogurt with cereal, or never thought of doing so, you’ll love our Low Fat Yogurt with Fruit & Whole Grains.  It is a complete treat, with our creamy yogurt combined with real fruit and whole grains, sunflower, and flax seeds on the bottom.  The whole grain mix – hulled barley, rolled oats, and quinoa – along with the sunflower and flax seeds provide a unique taste experience.  You’ll quickly wonder why it’s never been done before!  Enjoy the fresh-from-the-farm taste, along with the healthfulness of our special live active culture blend, and let us know what you think!

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