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Bonnie & Delaney Bramlett

11 Jul

They were so cool — some of the original alt-country performers. Mississippian Delaney Bramlett was one of the Shindogs, the house band for the classic ABC Shindig! show of the 1960s. Bonnie Bramlett, his wife, could sing like nobody’s bidness. We actually met Bonnie at the Stax Museum in Memphis. She is a great gal and full of personality. She signed a CD for me — “Gary, Thanks for the Memories, Bonnie Bramlett.”

The above clip has the duo performing alongside Eric Clapton and Dave Mason. Below, I have also included clips of a clean cut Delaney with the Shindogs (circa 1964) and Bonnie & Delaney jamming with Clapton and former Beatle George Harrison. Maybe one day Bonnie and Delaney will get their due. They were indeed talented performers and way ahead of their time. Shoot, Bonnie even punched out a drunk Elvis Costello after he made derogatory racial remarks about Ray Charles. You go, girl!

Bonnie either had a great blond wig or one heck of a perm job

That’s Leon Russell on piano … yes, THAT Leon Russell!

Apalachicola Here We Come!

11 Jul

We are really looking forward to our first trip to Apalachicola and St. George Island later this month. We’ll slurp down some oysters, take a cool dip at Wakulla Springs, and generally blend in with the locals (like those seen above) along “Florida’s Forgotten Coast.” Our friend John T. Edge of the Southern Foodways Alliance has provided us with some tried and true dining tips. Should be a blast.

Don’t worry, we’ll take lots of pictures and share all the details with you. In the meantime, please feel free to provide us with your favorite eateries and points of interest in Apalachicola, St George Island, Cedar Key, St. Marks, etc.