Best Garage Bands of All Time?

10 Jul

Let the arguments commence. Your thoughts??? Step right up!

The Shadows of Knight is a solid choice — can’t argue with their inclusion. The Pretty Things is a slightly more daring choice, but I am OK with that too. But the Len Price Three? That to me is simply Steven trying to sell music on his own Wicked Cool label. The band is good, sure. But there is no way they belong in the Top 4 and Little Steven surely knows that. As for the Chesterfield Kings, they are indeed a fine band and they’ve been around for quite a while. Longevity is a plus for sure. However, many consider them a tribute band. And if you are talking longevity, wouldn’t the Rolling Stones make this list? They were pretty much the original garage bad boys.

Here are The Pretty Things in action — nothing pretty about it (or them). That being said, the drummer does have an amazing hair helmet. Take a gander, won’t you?

I will agree that Little Steven has the best show on radio at this time. He does a great job and keeps things entertaining from week to week. Visit his site at

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