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Pleasant Surprise Today

3 Jul

I just found out today that Eileen and I were featured in a book about Minor League Baseball. The book is called “Small-Town Heroes, Images of Minor League Baseball.” I do recall being interviewed back in the early ’90s for a book about MiLB, but never heard anything more after that. Stumbled across the book on the internet today and discovered my name while perusing a few sample pages. Talk about a pleasant surprise! I have included a link to the sample pages below. Just scroll to the section about Asheville, NC (starts on page 216).,M1

Quality over Quantity at Lobster Pot

3 Jul

The Lobster Pot is located on Ocean Drive in Siesta Key, FL 

Enjoyed lunch today at The Lobster Pot. Yeah, I know it can be a little on the pricey side, but I just had a hankering for a Lobster Roll. The Lobster Roll is a New England classic — you might call it the Northeast’s answer to the seafood po-boy. The dish is hard to find outside of New England. We are lucky to have a New England style seafood house in the neighborhood. They also serve a clam (sweet or Ipswich) roll, scallop roll, and an oyster roll. These sandwiches range between $8.29 and $13.99 — the Lobster Roll being the most expensive.

My sandwich was served with a cool, creamy cole slaw dusted with paprika. The roll was indeed tasty … it was just gone too fast. I realize that lobster is not cheap, but I left the restaurant still hungry. That shouldn’t happen when you drop $14 for lunch — at least not outside of New York City. Oh well, I enjoyed it while it lasted and I will likely return when I feel like treating myself to one of Neptune’s most delectable creatures.    

Bill Withers’ LP a Real Find

3 Jul

I recently found a Bill Withers LP at my local Goodwill store. I’ve always enjoyed Withers, but I was only really familiar with his hits. This LP — titled “Still Bill” — features “Use Me” and “Lean on Me.” But I must add that the whole album flows very nicely. It was released on the Sussex label and features a very groovy gatefold album sleeve. If you’re not familiar with the Withers’ sound, check out the video clip of “Use Me” that is provided above. Funky stuff — enjoy!

Dixie Dining Book Near Completion

3 Jul

Coming to Bookstores Soon!

Our latest book project — titled “Dixie Dining” — is in the final stages of production. We are very excited about this book and we hope it will bring our web site & blog even more recognition and notoriety. A fall release is likely at this stage. To learn more about the book and the publisher, go to