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Kulfi is the New Ice Cream

2 Jul

Kulfi is essentially the Indian version of ice cream. People are raving about the unique flavors and Kulfi’s ultra-creamy taste & texture. Common flavors include mango, saffron, pistachio, coconut and many more. The video clip above — lifted from — will teach you how to make your own kulfi at home.

If you’re looking for store bought kulfi, a company called Kool Freeze is said to make a pretty good product. We have not been able to find it here in SW FL, but I’m told most Indian and Pakistani markets carry some form of kulfi in their frozen foods section.

Don’t waste your time if you’re on a diet — this stuff is made with heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk, and whipped cream. In other words, it’s richer than Donald Trump! On a positive note, kulfi does not melt as quickly as traditional ice cream.

Pistachio Kulfi Pop 

Ever Heard the Boswell Sisters?

2 Jul

The Boswell Sisters have almost been forgotten over the decades. But these three gals raised in New Orleans could sing up a storm. Enjoy the above video clip from 1932 and then get over to to pick up a whole CD of their masterful harmonizing. You might want to start with this collection of their early work:

Oxford American Worthy of Support

2 Jul

This is one of our favorite magazines. Their annual music issue, in particular, is amazing. Originally founded in Oxford, Misssissippi, the magazine is now published in Arkansas. It offers great insights into Southern life and some of the best writing and short stories you’ll find anywhere. Get more info and subscribe at They deserve our support and, at just $19.95 per year, it won’t break the piggy bank.  

American Table Tours

2 Jul

We just learned about American Table Tours. Interesting concept and something right down our alley. They are taking people on guided tours of some of America’s most interesting restaurants, farms and food sights. I have contacted them and offered our assistance via our award-winning web site, In the meantime, you can learn more about their mission and tours by visiting their web site at