New Pass Bait & Grill

1 Jul

Fish and Chips is the way to go at New Pass. The fried cod is done right.

Lunch today was at the New Pass Bait & Grill on Ken Thompson Parkway. It is a very rustic place that has been around for decades now. They offer burgers, tuna wraps, and the like, but I would recommend you try one of the seafood entrees. Order a shrimp or clam basket — or follow my lead and call for the Fish & Chips platter. The portions are generous (my platter could easily be shared by two people). Skip the slaw (pretty dry) and don’t fill up on the crispy fries. The plump cod fillets are dipped in batter and cooked to perfection. Add a squeeze of lemon and maybe a few splashes of malt vinegar. Then grab a seat overlooking the New Pass and you’ll soon be whistling Otis Redding’s “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay.”  

Place your order at the window & then find a seat overlooking the bay

Hey, who really needs the Weather Channel?

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