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Geier’s offers Genuine German Grub

30 Jun

Geier’s is THE Place in Sarasota for authentic German specialties

Stopped by Geier’s on my way back from Venice, FL this afternoon. They are located along a busy stretch of South Tamiami Trail and the parking lot is almost always full of cars. They have a big Bavarian following in the area, but you don’t have to be German to appreciate the fine work they are doing here. Geier’s is best known as a butcher shop offering freshly made meats and sausages without the typical preservatives. I brought home 4 bratwurst links (50% veal/50% pork), a pound of homemade sauerkraut, and a freshly baked apple strudel. The strudel, pictured below, didn’t stand a chance.


Honey Chicken at Mrs. Chen’s

30 Jun

Mrs. Chen’s is a popular Chinese buffet in South Sarasota

I hit Mrs. Chen’s for the first time today. The restaurant is perhaps the best known Chinese eatery in town and a consistent award winner for Best Chinese Restaurant. The lunch buffet is a bargain at just $6.20 — dinner buffet is about $2 more. The Teriyaki chicken skewers were really tasty, but the revelation of the meal was Mrs. Chen’s honey chicken. Imagine honey-dipped fried chicken nuggets (all white meat) sprinkled with sesame seeds. Really good. They even have four different flavors of scoop your own ice cream for dessert. You won’ t go away hungry at Mrs. Chen’s place.

Crunchy and sweet on the outside, tender and savory on the inside