The Classic “Wave”

29 Jun

Just got a nice email from a new friend in Brazil. Seems that some of my Bossa Nova posts have attracted the attention of our neighbors to the south (South America, that is). As something of a thank you for their following, I am offering another vintage clip from the incomparable Antonio Carlos Jobim. His hits “Wave,” “Girl from Impanema,” “One Note Samba,” and others were all the rage in the early 1960s and remain jazz standards today.

Speaking of bossa nova, I just scored a couple of old LPs at a local thrift store. Both are by native Virginian (he was born in Chuckatuck) and fellow Va Tech alum Charlie Byrd. One is called Brazilian Byrd and the other is the Verve session Charlie recorded with Stan Getz. The latter is the best of the two … showcasing some of Byrd’s best guitar stylings. Brazilian Byrd is hampered by some inconsistent arrangements by Tommy Newsom (yes, the same Newsom who once led the Tonight Show band).  

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