Dixie Eats in The Old Dominion

29 Jun

Allman’s Pit Cooked BBQ is a longtime fixture in the NOVA BBQ scene

Carl’s is a classic 1950’s style ice cream stand – sadly, a dying breed

My brother Bill, who still lives in Northern Virginia, recently provided me with these pix and a brief review on two VA culinary institutions: Allman’s BBQ and Carl’s Frozen Custard — both in Fredericksburg. We will try to check both out the next time we return to my home state. They’ve both been around for decades, so we’re hoping they will continue to hang on and survive the ongoing homogenization of roadside cuisine.
Here are the pix I shot of Allman’s and Carl’s in Fredericksburg. I sat outside in a little open air booth at Carl’s and sampled the minced BBQ pork platter with slaw and baked beans. The cue was a little dry and kind of bland without any sauce. The slaw was served with the mustard-style sauce on top instead of being mixed in and it was tasty. The beans were in a molasses base with chopped onions, pretty tasty but not warm enough. The service was good and quick.
At Carl’s I had a large cone (cake) with one scoop of vanilla topped with a scoop of Strawberry. It was very cold, smooth and creamy with a real natural taste of vanilla and strawberry.  Can see how it got its reputation and was doing a steady business in the mid afternoon on a Tuesday in May. They use a 1940’s-style machine to make their custard. It was like stepping back into the fifties and the prices were good – less than $3 for my large cone.

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