McClain’s Homemade Ice Cream

24 Jun

We stopped by Mermaid’s Ice Cream Shop on Siesta Key after dinner last night for a little treat. Mermaid’s is one of two places in the Sarasota area that carry McClain’s Homemade Ice Cream. The other location is Ice Cream Racer in the Gulf Gate section of town. Mermaid’s only carries about 1/4 of the flavor choices that Ice Cream Racer does, but it’s more far convenient to our home and the beach. My favorite flavors are rum raisin (you can really taste the Caribbean rum) and coconut. Last night I branched out and tried the coffee crunch (coffee ice cream with Heath Bar chunks). Austin, being a card-carrying chocolate freak, ordered what is called “Gator Tracks” (vanilla ice cream riddled with fudge, brownie pieces, and Reese’s peanut butter cups). Some sprinkles (or jimmies) were added for kicks.

Travis, always attracted to the bright and shiny colors, went for the Blue Raspberry ice. I must report he did a fine job of keeping the product in his mouth and off his I LOVE DC T-shirt. That made Mom happy.  


We chatted briefly with the owner of Mermaid’s — pleasant gentleman. Sounds like he has big plans for the future. They are going to begin serving lunch as well as beer and wine. However, the focus here will likely always be ice cream … especially if they stick with McClain’s product. Yes, it’s that good.

For a listing of some of McClain’s delicious creations, we suggest you follow the link provided below:

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