Dennis Wilson’s Unknown Gem

24 Jun

This record, which many consider to be a classic, has just been re-released by Sony Legacy in a 2-CD set. Many music fans (and several rock critics) have long considered Dennis Wilson as nothing more than a “banger” (sub-par drummer) riding the coattails of his far more talented brothers, Brian & Carl Wilson. I must admit that I felt this way for many years.

However, this new release, and a recent TV documentary feature on its release, have caused me to re-think my position. Yes, Dennis was the only Beach Boy who surfed and he was the one who pulled all the lovely beach bunnies, but he also inherited some of the old Wilson magic for crafting interesting and appealing pop songs. I encourage you doubters to view the video via the provided link below. Listen to Pacific Ocean Blue from start to finish and then tell me you haven’t changed your mind to some degree. This was the first, and arguably the best, of the Beach Boy solo efforts.

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