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Nightly “Doggie Run”

23 Jun

Our dog Dixie is a bundle of energy. We burn off excess energy each night with a brisk bike ride / run around our Siesta Key neighborhood. The scenery is awesome and the route is normally somewhere between 1 and 2 miles. Just enough to get the heart rate up (Dixie) and break a little sweat (me). When we started we had to put her in a choke collar to prevent her chasing squirrels and other dogs along the way. Dixie is now very diciplined in her running and rarely veers off course. The pace is typically a trot, but when she’s feeling especially perky I can get Dixie to gallop for a few hundred yards. Good times.

Some of the gorgeous scenery along our evening biking/running trail


Charlie Engle – The Running Man

23 Jun

Eileen and I met Charlie Engle on Friday night. Never heard of him before? Well, he is the guy who has run all the way across the massive Sahara desert (go to His next act will be to run across the USA – from San Francisco to New York. That has been done before, but Charlie hopes to break the record time for this unbelievable trek. Learn more about Charlie’s mission and track his progress at Engle told us he runs between 3 and 6 hours a day and will run about 75 miles per day (for about 45 days) during his trot across America. He was a very gracious guy and we wish him happy trails!

George Carlin – Comic Genius

23 Jun

 Don’t worry, folks. The above clip is clean — kid tested and mother approved!

Rest in Peace, George. You’ll be missed!

George Carlin has passed away at the age of 71. He had a lengthy history of heart problems and a lifelong battle with drug addiction. Carlin didn’t exactly lead an exemplary life, but I hope he finds peace and salvation in the afterlife. He brought laughter and joy to so many people living in a world often filled with heartbreak and cruelty.