Gus’ 12th Street Cafe

21 Jun

This is an out-of-the-way diner (in a former gas station) is located in an industrial part of Sarasota. The reason they have made a go of it is really two-fold. First, they are located directly across the street from Ed Smith Stadium, which is the Spring Training Home of the Cincinnati Reds. Business at Gus’ booms during the months of February and March. The rest of the year they rely on a small yet loyal working class clientele — including the Reds year round staff from the neighboring training complex.

Secondly, the food is consistently good (try the homemade soups), prices are fair, and they make a terrific homemade corned beef hash. Now where else can you find folks who take the time to make fresh hash? It’s always been easier to crack open a can, but the difference between fresh and canned can be stunning. Gus’ offers traditional diner fare along with a few Greek specialties (including a pretty decent gyro slathered in yogurt sauce), but we believe it’s the corned beef hash that demands you stop at this primarily locals only establishment.

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