Store Bought Salsas Getting Better

19 Jun


I have typically shunned store-bought salsas because, frankly, they just didn’t taste as good as fresh salsa and pico de gallo (translates to “rooster’s beak”). However, we have recently tried some salsas that are really pretty good. One is the brand you see above. Mrs. Renfro Salsa is made by Renfro Foods in our former home base of Fort Worth, TX. They offer an amazing variety of flavors including Peach, Raspberry Chipotle, and Mango Habanero. Exotic and tasty.

Even Pace Foods out of San Antonio is getting into the act of churning out specialty salsas. They recently unveiled 5 new flavors. We especially like the Tequila Lime Salsa made with real Blue Agave tequila. You’re not going to catch a buzz eating it, but you can really taste the tequila. Our kids won’t touch the stuff, so that leaves more for Momma and me. That’s not a bad thing.

 Seek out these new products in your local uber market — I think you’ll be mucho impressed. They will never replace fresh homemade salsa, but it’s the next best thing in a pinch.  

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