Columbia’s 1905 Salad Not to be Missed

18 Jun

The Columbia’s outside dining makes for great people watching

The open-air dining room offers some shade and an elegant setting

A favorite haunt of our’s on St. Armand’s Circle is the Columbia Restaurant. They made their name in Tampa, where their Ybor City location is a landmark. The menu focuses on Cuban and Spanish cuisine. I love the ultra-garlicky 1905 Salad (the restuarant was founded in 1905). It’s loaded with chunks of ham, green olives, swiss & romano cheeses, and a truckload of garlic. The recipe is a closely guarded secret, yet many restaurants in the area have attempted to put their own spin on it. All seem to fall far short of the original. I usually order the salad and sandwich combo (the pressed Cuban sandwich is always a good call). Make sure you bring along some gum or a fistful of breath mints. Otherwise you can prepare on bowling over anyone within a 50 yard radius.

The 1905 Salad has recently been named one of the Top 10 Salads in the USA. No big surprise to us. Visit the following link for all the details on who made the list:

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