Something Else I Miss about Texas

17 Jun

Ozarka Spring Water is simply the best I have tasted. Water is water, you say? I beg to differ. Many spring waters have a funky aftertaste … some have strong mineral overtones … some take on the taste of its plastic packaging. Ozarka is very clean tasting — no hint of anything except fresh, clean spring water from their natural sources at various East Texas springs. Wish we could find it here in FL. No such luck … we have to settle for Zephyrhills Spring Water, which is OK but not nearly as crisp & refreshing as Ozarka. And don’t get me started about the bottled filtered waters like Aquafina or Dasani. You may as well just run a little tap water through a pair of your wife’s stockings (or hubby’s gym socks). Read this story and you’ll surely agree:

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