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Better Music, but What About the Videos?

11 Jun

The ’60s (that’s the 1960’s for you oldtimers) was a great decade for music. One of the best in my humble opinion. Was it all the drugs people were taking or were songwriters and performers just inspired by the great cultural changes taking place at the time? Who knows? I do know the whole concept of the music video was very much a work in progress in the ’60s. Case in point, the Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass video clip you are about to enjoy. Don’t get me wrong. I think Herb and the boys are terrific. I own all of the LPs on vinyl — seriously. And old Herb certainly made a ton of dough during that time. But the group’s attempts at videos were, well, not quite so succesful. Perhaps thankfully, this is one of the few that remain. Be sure to check out Herb’s groovy footwear. And yes, that is the same song you heard many times on “The Dating Game.”

***Editor’s Note: I guess cheese and whipped cream is not such a good mix!


Invasion of the Ginger People

11 Jun

Bring ’em on — these guys at Ginger People really seem to know what they’re doing. Go to for a full line of excellent products made with Australian and Californian ginger. The company has been around since 1984, but their products are just now popping up in grocery stores and gourmet shops nationwide. We have already picked up the Sweet Ginger Chili sauce (perfect for stir fry) and minced ginger (ditto) at our local Whole Foods store. They are also said to make a killer Ginger Beer, although we have not yet been able to track that down in our neck of the woods.

Besides from being mighty delicious, ginger also has many medical benefits. Read more at . You gotta love their mascot too. Miss Chile Pepper sure seems to dig him.  

Ginger can spice up your love life!