Perry’s Roadside BBQ

10 Jun
First Family of Q on Siesta Key

Perry’s Roadside BBQ (just outside the Old Salty Dog Bar and Grill on Siesta Key).  Just when we thought the local BBQ scene was pretty much non-existent, Mr. Perry showed up and saved the day. You should know by now that we are BBQ nuts of the first order and nothing short of excellence will do. Well, Perry’s has exceeded our expectations and that is just not easy to accomplish. Their chicken (your choice of half or whole) is smoky and delicious, while the ribs are always cooked to crispy perfection. No beef here, folks — and we have no beef with that at all.

Our only issue is price because this is surely not a value pick (a full rack of ribs with no sides can run as high as $23!). I’m guessing they figure the folks vacationing on Siesta Key have plenty of dough and aren’t likely to quibble over a few dollars. FYI – I’m told the prices are a bit more palatable if you sit down and eat inside at the Old Salty Dog. But don’t worry, any sticker shock is quickly overtaken by Perry’s first rate BBQ sauce (go for the “Mild”) and the dense smoke emanating from Mr. Perry’s portable smoker. Breathe deep and let it sweep you away. Paradise just got better — if that’s possible.

Note: Perry’s is only at the Old Salty Dog on Sundays. Wish they could set up every day, but one day a week is definitely a blessing.

2 Responses to “Perry’s Roadside BBQ”

  1. mark saunders June 11, 2008 at 1:04 am #

    Good cue is so hard to find, would like to try Mr. Perry’s, sounds delish!

  2. dixiedining June 11, 2008 at 3:56 pm #

    You better believe it, brother. Come on down!

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