Archer Farms Organic Cereal

9 Jun

These products are available at Super Target stores across the USA. We really like the smart packaging and the contents aren’t too shabby either. I am especially fond of the High Fiber and Musli varieties. But I am apparently not the only one since those flavors are increasingly difficult to find. The boxes are very sturdy and easily re-sealed with the hinged, snap-on plastic lid. These cereals have been on sale lately (either 2 for $6 or 2 for $7 depending on the varieties you choose). Heard a nasty rumor that Target was going to discontinue the entire line after reaching a massive distribution deal with Kashi. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Hey, I love my Kashi just as much as the next tree-hugging hippie freak — but what’s the harm in a little “healthy” competition?

3 Responses to “Archer Farms Organic Cereal”

  1. mark saunders June 10, 2008 at 6:49 pm #

    Good stuff, but Sunbelt makes a good cereal I like better with dried fruit & berries. It’s available at a local supermarket in Northern Va called Shoppers Food Warehouse. The price is only $2.19 a box but it’s hard to find. I bought last three boxes my last trip to the store. Gary, keep bringing us zesty tips & great ideas. Mark

  2. dixiedining June 10, 2008 at 8:03 pm #

    Too bad there’s not a Shoppers Food Warehouse nearby. Would love to give that a try. FYI — My shipping address is … (:

  3. Ren July 4, 2012 at 9:16 pm #

    sadly they did discontinue the cereal brand and replaced it with a granola mix sealed in a foiled and plastic bag the packaging shows hearty sized granola but when you open it its mostly dust with oats and tastes blah…..I loved the packaging, of the cereals and loved them too lol (would buy one of each sometimes two every time i went there and buy other archer farms products) but i heard that the cereal was not organic that they used gmo soybean, wheat and corn etc . oh and kashi is not organic either but they are trying to be by 2015…still would rather have archer farms cereal then kashi that stuff tastes like low grade horse feed with wood favorites although no mention of it anywhere was the Turkish delight and spiced vanilla chai they also for a short time made a Mediterranean inspired flavor with orange chewy bits , spices and macadamia nuts. , pumpkin spice squares, and the chocolate biscotti oh and the raspberry and white chocolate (loved them all even the muesli and heart smart) …..found the farm that produced archer farms and a private site from them that sells it. but you get one bowl for 4 dollars…not worth it. haven’t been able to find anything at all like it…could have done without the gmo, and artificial flavors wonder if there are copy cat recipes for the cereals minus gmo and flavorings? that would be wonderful.

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